Ashtead Good Neighbours
Founded in 2004

Ashtead gets its First Public Access Defibrillator

There are many defibrillators available in public places such as airports, shopping centres etc. which provide essential life saving equipment for members of the public to help when someone is in cardiac arrest.

In January this year a Defibrillator was installed outside the Buckley Pharmacy in The Street, Ashtead and it is now registered with the Emergency Services.

Training has already been given to some 50 Ashtead residents and more is planned. However, anyone can use the equipment in an emergency as the “speaking instructions” are built into the Defibrillator.

In late 2015 Ashtead Good Neighbours  became aware that The British Heart Foundation and the Department of Health were providing funds and running a national campaign  to install Public Assess Defibrillators. This was taken up by Marian Guess, the then Chair of Ashtead Good Neighbours, and subsequently  her successor, Richard Garrard. With help from Councillor Chris Townsend, a grant of £500 was obtained  from Surrey County Council and  with  Ashtead Good Neighbours making up the balance, the  Defibrillator finally went live on the 12 January. Thanks also go to Abdool Kureeman, Buckley Pharmacy, for not only allowing his premises to be used but also for meeting the costs of the installation.

The picture shows the Defibrillator outside Buckley Pharmacy together with, from left to right, Abdool Kureeman (Buckley Pharmacy), Chris Townsend (Surrey Councillor) and Richard Garrard (Ashtead Good Neighbours).


Any further information, please contact or phone 01372 817190.

19th January 2017

Ashtead Good Neighbours Newsletter Autumn 2016

Dear Volunteer

Summer Party
It was lovely to see so many volunteers at our summer party. Many thanks again to Dot and Brian Griffin for letting us host it in their garden. If anyone would be willing to offer their garden for next year's party, do please let us know.

Volunteers Meeting
Our next meeting will be held on Friday, 25th November at 8.00pm in St. Michael's Church Hall.  As usual, drinks and nibbles will be available and the volunteer cards will be on hand for you to alert us to any holiday plans or make any other changes to your availability.  Sarah Stanley will also be selling her cards.

Many thanks to those who submitted their envelopes and expenses forms by 30th September for our accounting year-end.   Please note that all envelopes should be handed in within two months of completing a job – this is especially important if you think a cheque is enclosed.  You will be able to hand in envelopes and collect a replacement supply at the Volunteers Meeting.

Tea parties
These continue to be organized by Kate Walton each month. If you would like to help by hosting a party, by providing scones or a cake or by driving to take and collect the clients, please contact Kate (tel. 274211).  She will be pleased to hear from you and give you any further information.

Staying with a client – New procedure
We would normally hope that you can stay with a client unless you know in advance that the appointment is going to be a long one, in which case other arrangements need to be agreed between the client and the volunteer. However, in exceptional circumstances, eg if the client is kept waiting for an unexpectedly long time and you cannot wait for them or return later, then a taxi should be arranged and the client told that we will reimburse the cost. Please let us know if you have to resort to the use of a taxi so that we are aware of the situation.  

We are always looking for volunteers who would be willing to become a DCO. Full training will be given; in normal circumstances you need only do a duty once a month on a day which suits you.  Please let either Richard Garrard (tel. 817190)  or Beryl McLaughlin (tel. 272581)  know if you would be interested.

This will be held on Wednesday, 25th January 2017  at St. Michael's Church Hall. Further information will be circulated nearer the time.


Richard and  the Team fully appreciate what you do to support AGN and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on 25th November. 

Marion Nelson

4th November 2016