Ashtead Good Neighbours
Founded in 2004
What We Offer

Ashtead Good Neighbours undertakes tasks for adults in need in Ashtead that one might reasonably expect a good neighbour to carry out.

Help offered includes:

Transport to doctors' and dentists' surgeries, chiropodists, physios and hospitals.

Shopping from a list if the client is housebound.

Collecting prescriptions.

'One off' cooking or ironing in sudden emergency.

A tea party is held one Sunday afternoon per month for 6 or 7 clients.

Light handyman/ DIY jobs which are urgent or cannot be dealt with in the usual way.

There is no charge for the service, but a donation is suggested to cover the costs of each journey. We expect the client to pay any parking or congestion charges. We do have parking badges for some hospitals.

There is a one-off fee of £5 to join the scheme. This is payable by a single person or a couple at one address.