Ashtead Good Neighbours
Founded in 2004

Volunteers are people of any age who have a few hours to spare on an occasional basis and can make a difference to the local community. It is a very flexible commitment.

All volunteers are interviewed prior to acceptance, references followed up and must undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. The interviewer, who is an experienced management team member, will explain fully what is involved.

Volunteers only volunteer their free time and can always turn down a request if circumstances do not allow. Volunteers tend to enjoy what they do and this motivates them to continue.

Volunteers have 3 meetings per year with the management team including a summer garden party. At these meetings volunteers can keep up to date, share experience and good practice, and socialise. Communication between times is by phone, email or post in the absence of email. Volunteers can claim mileage and phone costs at agreed rates.

Volunteer tasks fall into three groups:

  1. Driving - drive own vehicle, pick up client from their home, drive to appointment, usually wait and then drive client home again. Sometimes with long waits, one volunteer will take the client to the appointment and a second volunteer will later collect and drive them home.
  2. Daily Coordinator (DCO) - two hours in a morning with the phone once or twice a month although it may sometimes take a little longer to complete the work generated.
  3. Multi-tasker - shopping, small household jobs etc as required. One volunteer may choose just to do one type of job e.g. shopping.

A volunteer may choose to work in one group only or more than one without giving extra time.